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The Site Wizard - Good common-sense articles on topics from domain name selection to search engine optimization.

Protecting Your Computer from Hackers and Viruses

Parasite Protection - This site, and.doxdesk.com, defines a "parasite" as a "program that gets installed on your computer which you never asked for, and which does something you probably don't want it to, for someone else's profit." These little beasts can pop up windows even when you are not connected to the Internet, collect private information, and even dial premium-rate phone numbers that will get charged to your telephone bill. This site tells you how to avoid becoming infected and gives detailed directions for removing existing parasites.

Protecting Yourself from Spam Email

Building Your Personal Anti-Spam Strategy - A detailed explanation and checklist for protecting your email addresses from spam.

Slaying Spam - Already getting spammed? This article offers an excellent overview of spam filtering techniques and products.

Web Site Development Tools

Adobe Photoshop Elements - If you want to prepare your own digital images for the web, we highly recommend this program. It contains all the Photoshop functionality that you need at a fraction of the price, and it's easier to use too! Resize, lighten, darken, improve color balance or contrast, and save in a nice compact file format optimized for the web. Available for either Windows or Macintosh computers.

Internet Business Beginners' Guide

Free E-book Internet Business Beginners' Guide that provides instruction on starting your own online business in a week.

Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

Free E-book - Questions to Ask Your Web Designer an excelent ebook describing some of the most important questions to have answered by your web designer.




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